Cookie Policy

Data Controller
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Purpose of the Treatment
Our website uses cookies, text files sent from the site to the user terminal (usually to the browser), where they are stored. There are several types, as shown below. Technical cookies operate in a completely anonymous way to improve the use of the site and memorize some choices.

Treatment Mode
Specifically, the site uses technical and preference cookies:

Technical and preference cookies
The technical navigation cookies and those preferentially serve to make a website usable by enabling the basic functions of the site and to remember some choices of the user’s preference regarding the navigation interface, such as language or font size and allow it to rediscover your settings with each new access to the site.

Conservation Period
Technical cookies, having the purpose of guaranteeing navigation and providing the services offered by the site, are stored in the devices with which the user connects and their presence could persist in them even after navigation for subsequent accesses.

Obligation to provide data
Technical cookies are files used to ensure the correct functionality of the site, so their use is necessary to have an adequate and correct navigation.

Categories of Interested
All visitors to the website.

Recipients categories
External SEO companies, technical cookie providers. Juridical Base Treatment for technical purposes, without extraction of personal data of the user.

Communication to third parties
It is not foreseen the extraction of personal data of the user, therefore neither their communication to third parties. automated decision-making processes and profiling There is no automated decision making or profiling process.

There are no transfers of personal data outside the EU. rights of the interested party The interested party, at any time, has the possibility to assert the following rights: * right to know and rectify the data being processed (in any case, data are collected in anonymous form) * right to limit or revoke the processing by blocking cookies in your browser * the right to lodge a complaint with the Guarantor with the specific forms available on the latter’s website at